Top 7 Health Benefits of Cycling: Pedal Your Way to Wellness

By Scotty Newkirk

Have you wondered about the health benefits of cycling? Perhaps you’re a biker that’s out of shape and trying to get fit for the summer.

Whatever the case, you’ll want to stick around and continue reading this post in its entirety.

Statistics show that there are a plethora of health benefits to cycling.

Furthermore, after doing plenty of research, I’ve discovered riding a bike has numerous mental and physical benefits.


Within the following post, I’ve broken everything down for you guys to give you a detailed look into these benefits.

So whether you’re riding to work or going out on your next adventure, you’ll want to keep the following benefits in mind.

1-Improved Cardiovascular Health

Cycling health benefits

Did you know that taking regular bike rides is the best way to support your heart and improve cardio health?

Here are a few critical cardiovascular health benefits of cycling

  • Improved heart function
  • Better blood circulation
  • Less likely to develop heart disease
  • Helps lower blood pressure (And maintain it)

Riding a bike is one of the best aerobic exercises that elevates your heart and forces it to work harder and more robustly.

Consistent cycling can strengthen your heart and pump blood to your body more effectively.

Also, did you know regular cycling can reduce your risk of heart disease, stroke, and high blood pressure?

Statistics show that cycling has numerous health benefits and is proven to lower the risk of developing heart disease.

Furthermore, regular cycling can help lower and maintain healthy blood pressure.

Not to mention biking can aid in maintaining healthy numbers without any medication.

That’s pretty sweet if you ask me. Wouldn’t you guys agree?

2- Enhanced Muscle Strength

Health benefits of cycling

Have you ever wanted to impress the ladies but were never into the whole gym scene?

Trust me, I can relate to how you must feel.

The good news is that riding a bike for at least 30 minutes or more three times a week can help you build muscle.

I just noticed the other day that I’m starting to build muscle and look slightly buff, lol.

After doing some lengthy research, here’s what I found…

Lower body muscles: Cycling primarily engages the muscles of the lower body, particularly the quadriceps (front thigh muscles), hamstrings (back thigh muscles), glutes (buttocks), and calves.

As you pedal, these muscles contract and exert force, propelling the bicycle forward.

Over time, this repetitive muscle engagement can improve muscle strength and endurance in the lower body.

Core muscles: While cycling, you engage your core muscles to stabilize your body and maintain balance on the bike.

The core muscles, including the abdominal muscles, obliques, and lower back muscles, support and maintain proper posture during cycling.

Upper body muscles: Although cycling mainly focuses on the lower body, the upper body supports and steers the bike.

The muscles in the arms, particularly the biceps, and triceps, are involved in gripping the handlebars and maintaining control.

Additionally, the shoulders and upper back muscles help stabilize the upper body during cycling.

3-Balance & Coordination

Another fantastic health benefit of cycling is improved balance and coordination.

As I’m sure you know, cycling requires excellent balance and coordination.

Here briefly explains how consistent cycling can improve your overall balance and motor skills.

Cycling inherently challenges your balance.

When you ride a bike, you must maintain stability and equilibrium, especially when pedaling, turning, or navigating uneven surfaces.

Over time, your body adapts and learns to maintain balance on the bike.

This helps improve your overall balance skills, which can be beneficial not just while cycling but also in daily activities that require balance, such as walking, climbing stairs, or participating in other sports.

Cycling involves a coordinated movement pattern that requires synchronizing different body parts.

As you ride, you need to coordinate the movement of your legs, arms, and core muscles to pedal, steer, and maintain bike control.

This coordination between different muscle groups helps improve overall body coordination and motor skills.

4- Weight Management

Health Benefits of cycling

This is one of the health benefits of cycling I’m benefitting from.

Over the winter months, I’ve become quite lazy, I guess, lol.

However, now that summer is in full swing, I’m back to hitting the trail every chance I get.

Here are a few ways cycling can aid in weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight.

1)Calorie burning: Cycling is a great calorie-burning exercise.

The number of calories burned during a cycling session depends on intensity, duration, terrain, and individual factors like weight and fitness level.

On average, a person weighing around 155 pounds (70 kilograms) can burn about 260-590 calories per hour of moderate cycling.

Intense cycling or incorporating intervals can increase the calorie burn even further.

Regular cycling creates a calorie deficit, which is essential for weight loss because you burn more calories than you consume.

I have an app that tracks how many calories I burn on a bike ride.

This helps me keep track of calories burned vs calories consumed.

2) Increased metabolism: Cycling is an aerobic exercise that elevates your heart rate and stimulates your metabolism.

This increase in metabolic rate during and after cycling can lead to a more significant calorie burn even when you’re not actively cycling.

This effect, known as excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC), helps burn additional calories for several hours post-workout.

3) Fat burning: Cycling can help target and reduce body fat. During cycling, your body primarily utilizes stored fat as a fuel source, especially during longer, steady-state rides.

Regular cycling sessions contribute to the overall reduction of body fat percentage, which can lead to weight loss and improved body composition.

5-Relieves Stress And Anxiety

Back in 2017, quite possibly the most stressful time in my life.

Instead of dealing with stress like most people, I took a bike ride.

Cycling can be one of the best ways to deal with stress and anxiety, as it has helped me immensely.

Here are a few mental health benefits associated with cycling.

1)Stress reduction: Cycling is a great way to reduce stress levels.

Physical exercise, including cycling, triggers the release of endorphins, which are natural “feel-good” hormones in the brain.

Endorphins help elevate mood, reduce stress, and promote well-being.

The rhythmic and repetitive motion of cycling can also have a calming and meditative effect, allowing you to unwind and alleviate stress.

2)Mood enhancement: Regular cycling can positively impact mood and enhance overall emotional well-being.

Cycling stimulates the production of neurotransmitters like dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine, which are associated with feelings of happiness, pleasure, and improved mood.

This can help combat symptoms of depression, anxiety, and other mental health conditions.

3) Improved sleep quality: One of the most common benefits cyclists experience is improved sleep quality.

After a long ride, your body naturally becomes more relaxed and can produce an overall sense of well-being which helps to improve sleep quality.

Quality of sleep is vital for mental health and well-being.

6-Improved Lung Function

Health Benefits of cycling

Cycling is an excellent activity that can improve lung function and enhance respiratory health.

Here’s an explanation of how cycling contributes to better lung function:

I think riding a bike is possibly one of the best aerobic exercises.

It requires sustained rhythmic movement.

Additionally, there’s a massive demand for lots of oxygen.

As you pedal, your breathing rate increases drastically to keep up with the need for oxygen for your working muscles.

Over time, breathing muscles such as the diaphragm will expand, strengthening these muscles.

Regular cycling can also increase lung capacity.

This is also known as lung volume or vital capacity.

Your body adapts to the increased oxygen demand as you engage in cycling.

Doing so expands your lungs, enabling you to breathe more air.

Over time, this can improve lung function and the ability to take deeper breaths.

7-Keeps You In Shape

Health benefits of cycling

I don’t know about you guys, but to be honest, this is another one of my favorite health benefits of cycling.

At times this may be hard to do, lol.

However, for the most part, I try and stay in shape.

Here are a few ways cycling can help you stay in shape below.

Weight management- As mentioned earlier, cycling can be an excellent way to burn calories and shed those unwanted pounds.

Depending on how intense of a ride will determine how many calories you’ll essentially burn.

Low-Impact Exercise- Unlike running, cycling puts minimal stress on the joints.

Therefore, this would be the perfect exercise for those looking to get in shape and maintain a healthy weight.

Builds and strengthens muscle– As you pedal your bike, you’ll give quite a few of your muscles a workout.

This includes but isn’t limited to, the following

  • Quadriceps
  • Calves
  • Glutes

Riding uphill can further challenge these muscles, forcing them to work harder.

If you want to stay in shape this summer and smash your health goals, it’s vital to remember these tips.

Cycling Health Benefits Closing

In conclusion, cycling offers an array of remarkable health benefits.

From improving cardiovascular health and boosting muscle strength to enhancing mental well-being.

Not to mention cycling’s weight management benefits.

Cycling is a versatile and accessible exercise option for people of all ages and fitness levels.

Whether you choose to pedal through picturesque landscapes or navigate busy city streets.

The massive rewards of cycling extend beyond physical fitness, reaching into the realms of mental clarity.

Furthermore, cycling can also aid in stress reduction and a profound sense of accomplishment.

So, hop on your bike, grab a helmet, and feel the wind on your face.

Get ready to embrace the health transformation of cycling.

Also, do me a favor if you would.

Don’t forget to come back to this post and thank me.

Do we have a deal?

Anyway, I hope this post has opened your eyes to the potential health benefits of cycling.

Are you an active cyclist with a unique health benefit that wasn’t on my list?

I’d love to hear about it, and I’m sure everyone else would.

Feel free to leave me a comment below.

I’d love to hear from you guys!!

Until next time,

The Bikr (Scott)

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