Slow Bike Problems? This ONE Solution Fixed Everything

By John

Sometimes your bike will slow down and it can cause some confusion and even some panic.

This has happened to me and I went through so many bike hacks to try to find the solution and almost nothing worked until I discovered this completely obvious solution that some newb bikers might not know about.

It happened to me and it has probably happened to you as well, so let me give you a little story to show you how I found the solution to my bike all of a sudden getting slow.

So I have a Cannondale SL3, that I got many years ago and it still performs the same way it did when I first got it.

However, I have been riding it a lot more (almost daily) and did get a new tire.

With those few changes, I felt things start to slow down and it started to feel like I was working a lot harder than before.

Could it be the tire?

Maybe the amount of riding I was doing?

Maybe it’s my age catching up with me?

I actually thought it was all of the above, so I tried to combat the situation by dealing with one “problem” at a time.

I went to my favorite local bike shop and mentioned my problem and everything that I have done.

They told me the tire was fine and maybe it could use a little more air but that was something I did actually try.

My bike was still holding back and it led me to more questions.

Should I Get a New Bike?


I couldn’t seem to understand what was happening so I almost resorted to getting a brand new bike.

With the bike tech not knowing what was wrong, I figured it was time for a new ride.

But something just wouldn’t let me give into it just yet, so I decided to do some research.

I wasn’t ready to let old Betsy go as there is just no way that it needed to be replaced and it was a great thing that I didn’t do anything crazy.

Then again, I could use a more modern and up-to-date bike that I’m sure I will enjoy.

With Christmas around the corner, I think I just gave myself another great idea.

Anyways, I didn’t get a new bike but I did figure out the main reason as to why my bike was slowing down.

So How Did I Fix My Slow Bike Problem?

I did everything that had nothing to do with my wheels or tires.

I lubed my chain!

After all the trial and error I finally figured out why my bike was slowing down and not performing like it should.

My chain needed to be cleaned and lubed!

I tend to overlook things and I also forget that my bike is really no different than a car.

Bikes need maintenance but with the more riding you do, you will need to do it quite often.

And by often, it is nothing comparable to a 3-month oil change as this two-wheeler you love so much needs a little more TLC in a lot less time.

I’m talking at least once a month of maintenance but the good part about this type of maintenance is that it does not take much time and it will not break your bank.

Things Got “Bike” to Normal

After a quick clean and lube of my chain, I immediately felt the difference.

Not only was my bike better but it actually felt like I got a new bike again.

This simple solution made me feel like I got a new bike and it had me even more excited about riding my ride or die again.

Do check on those tires, make sure they have the right tire pressure, and make other necessary adjustments as your chain is not the only contributing factor to a slow bike.

I do recommend you give your bike a nice wash at least once a month and give it a fresh coat of lube in the places necessary.

Always give your tires the right amount of pressure and of course take care of your bike.

Do these once in a while and you will never have slow bike problems again.


Always do bike maintenance.

Keep in mind that your bike is like a car but with the constant peddling, rolling, and natural wear and tear, you will need to do maintenance a lot more.

If you live in a dry and dusty place, you know that you will need to do a lot more cleaning and lubing than most bikers.

I like to follow the 50-mile rule before I do any lubing but that goes around the same time I’m washing and re-lubing my bike anyways.

This would be the equivalent of an oil change that you do with your car, only a lot more frequent and a lot less costly.

Follow these simple tips and you can get your bike back in tip-top shape without ever having to deal with slow bike syndrome.

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