Fox Flux Bike Helmet Review: See Why I Just Had to Buy This

By John

So I just purchased this helmet and now I can tell you all about it through this Fox Flux bike helmet review.

Being in the market for a new everyday-style helmet, I went to a local bike shop in my area and had the hardest time deciding which one to go with.

The Fox Flux was it and I want to show you why I picked this over the many other options that were presented before me.

On top of that, I want to show you the pros and cons (because I’m not biased) about this so that you can see if this is something you should purchase and not just because I got it.

Do keep in mind that although this is more of a serious trail type of rider, I actually use this for my short commutes to my many offices of the day.

But before you pull out that credit card because of its awesome looks, let’s dig a little deeper to see what else makes this a worthwhile investment.

Fox Flux Helmet Review

I have been wearing Fox apparel way before I actually got into any of the sports they cater to, so I guess it was destined for me to ride a bike.

Well, little did I know, there was a lot more to this simple machine and it does require a lot of investing if you do decide to really get into it.

One of those investments is going to be a bike helmet and Fox just so happens to be one of the few that make the styles that I actually like.

The Fox Flux is their main bike helmet that started back in 2006 and did not evolve much until now.

This time though, there was a lot of thought put into the comfort and style which I’m sure a lot of you will find to be very pleasing to your liking.

One of the best helmets that they offer and one that doesn’t make me feel like a nerd on wheels.

There is a lot more to it than that though and you can see this nice little vid that Fox put together for your viewing pleasure.

Who This is For

Sure you can see that it is really designed for trail riders who like to take on a more aggressive terrain, but this is really for almost every type of rider out there.

I’m not hitting the trails weekly and I do a lot more commuting style riding and I too, have gotten this helmet.

With its lightweight and more protection, I think this is great for commuters and bikepackers like myself as they are very much a lot more stylish than 99% of the typical helmets on the market.

But is that all the new Fox Flux helmet has to offer?

Let’s go over some of the key features that make this a better buy than a lot of the other helmets that cost way more than this one.

Looks and Style

This makes about 99% of my buying decision with most of the gear I get and that is exactly why I got the Fox Flux helmet.

Every other helmet I tried on was a bit on the goofy side as my dome just doesn’t go well with bike helmets.

But after seeing this exact one, I knew I couldn’t settle for a $40 helmet that although I’m sure can do the same job as the Fox Flux.

I’m not one to spend a whole lot on clothing and gear but I think that looking a little cooler is worth the extra spending, especially if most helmets don’t fit the weird dome I have.

It does come with a cool visor for added style but also protection from the sun.

I’m sure the style of this helmet caught your attention too but let’s see what else it has to offer than just a nice design.

Is it Comfortable?

It feels just like any other helmet but the chin straps were the real winner for me.

Unlike your traditional straps that come straight down from the front and back of a helmet, the Flux has a little piece that allows more space for the bottom of your ear.

Regular old straps usually touch my ear, so this helmet is great for those of you who have the same problem that I have.

The Fox Flux also has more air vents compared to the Fox Ranger, so it does help with the hot and humid rides I usually endure.

As for the padding, it isn’t anything fancy and it is comparable to almost every other helmet on the market.

Those vents along with the sweet chin straps are what I really like here.

Remember that this is not your typical cycling helmet and is probably best for trailing and mountain biking rather than long road rides, so do choose wisely

Is it Durable?

Again, this helmet can do exactly what other cheap helmets do but it is in fact a lot harder than most.

With the MIPS version however, it is supposed to help with “reduced rotational forces” in a crash, so if that’s something that might interest you, then that option is available.

I am no expert when it comes to the scientific part of their patent but I do know that either helmet will do the job.

Unless you feel like crashing every single day, whatever option you decide to go with will suit your needs and the satisfaction of spending more than you’d expect with something so simple as a bike helmet.

The Price

There are two different Flux helmets that of course come with different price tags.

The Fox Flux comes with a regular old helmet while you have the option to get their MIPS impact protection version for a whole $50 more.

Regular Fox Flux – $99

Fox Flux with MIPS – $149.95

The MIPS version does have a little different design but they are pretty much the same helmet minus the Fox logo that runs across the side.

Other than that, I think the regular old Flux will be just fine.

Another thing you need to consider is that you can get this helmet for the same price as you would a regular store compared to online, so definitely take advantage of the promos that the web has to offer.

Check it Out Here


I love this helmet and it is actually a part of my everyday carry.

Remember that I am no crazy trail rider either but I do like this specific helmet.

The price is reasonable and the Fox brand is always one that produced quality stuff.

I am not into motocross or any other one of Fox’s niches but I have been using their gear way before I even got into biking, so I know that they have nothing but quality products.

For less than $100 you can not only get a solid helmet that is safe but also one that will have you looking a lot better than your riding buddies.

Other than that, I hope this Fox Flux review can help you make a better decision on whether or not you should purchase this product.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Thanks for reading!

14 thoughts on “Fox Flux Bike Helmet Review: See Why I Just Had to Buy This”

  1. Really quite a nice looking sturdy helmet for a good price. As one my mates told me once when I asked how much should I spend on a helmet? He just looked at me smiled and said. “How much is your Head Worth”, I didn’t even have to reply to that just nodded.  Are they approved in all countries? I know in Australia we have pretty tough laws for safety 

    • The thing about bike helmets is that they ALL have to pass several inspections and meet very specific qualifications or they will not be able to sell them. These standards are a must and you can bet that all the helmets you see out there will get the job done.

      I do like the whole “how much is your head worth” line but in reality, you really just need one to protect your head as they will all get the job done. It then comes down to other things that you prefer like more vents, lighter in weight, or the most common one, how the helmet looks.

      Looks probably play the biggest role in any bike helmet purchase, so good luck trying to go cheap as the more expensive ones will most likely attract your attention.

      At the end of the day, always use a helmet and remember that your head is worth more than any dollar amount. A simple investment in a helmet is definitely a must for all bikers.

  2. Thank you for this really helpful post. I have always loved riding rough, sometimes I even prefer taking the hill than taking the easy path to my destination. After reading your post I now know think this helmet is worth the price and I am very much considering this as my next purchase. Again, thanks for such a very informative article!

  3. Thank you for sharing with us this great review on the Fox Flux Bike Helmet.I saw the importance of wearing strong bike helmets last Friday when a man got hit by a car and the bike was destroyed but his head was totally fine. This helmet looks really solid but do you think I need something of this caliber or will a nice cheap helmet do the job?

    • Any helmet will do Julienne as they are all required to meet certain standards before they are sold. Pricing of helmets usually go up by brand name and other features like ventilation and weight. Besides that, you will do just fine with a regular old helmet that you can find at Walmart.

  4. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for for my son for Christmas!  I just wanted to pop in and thank you because it’s really hard, actually, to find honest reviews, and yours is great.  I can tell you’re super excited about this helmet, and that is actually what sold it for me.  I want my son to be enthused when he opens this up.  He does a lot of riding, and on dangerous terrain, so protection is my main focus, while looks, of course, is his lol.  So this fits the bill for BOTH of us!!!

  5. John,

    With the bike helmet laws changing in the United States all persons in my state are required to wear helmets now while riding and this helmet looks like it would be the one for me.  I do not like anything touching my ears or covering them when I am riding it affects the hearing ability for safety from my point of view.  I do like the safety points that you included with the helmet when discussing the safety of it.  Price wise it is comparable to most helmets on the market but I like the comfort points that you have made in wearing this brand.

    Thank you,


  6. Hi John,

    This helmet really look solid. When I saw it at first I thought it is going to have much weight to it’s amazing to have such design but very light weight. And yes, it is very stylish too. 

    The straps come in a way comfortable way too. This is really a multipurpose helmet, it can also be used by almost anybody for any kind of route and not only rough terrain rides.


  7. It is a wonderful and  beautiful looking helmet for a good price. I have been looking forward to buying  a helmet for my younger brother since he just got a new bike. And now,  your article has given me a more tangible information about this specific helmet that I think he would be interested in. Seeing that it is properly designed for every type of rider. I now also know that it’s light weight and also has an air vent which helps in the hot and humid ride. Oh and we can’t forget about protection. Thanks for proving to me that I won’t be wasting any money with this helmet John.

    • You’re welcome Barry and I hope your brother enjoys it. I have had mine for a while now and it doesn’t seem to have worn much, so I might add that it will last a really long time.


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