20 Best Gifts For Bikers in 2018 That They Will Probably Never Buy Themselves

By John

Looking for that perfect gift for the biker in your life?

That’s great because we have put together a list of the best gifts for any biker out there, that I’m sure they will absolutely enjoy.

Bikers are a very unique group of people so you need to understand that they will put money into a lot of things but not so much on some of the stuff you would think are “no-brainers”.

Bikers will spend an arm and a leg for the basics – Tires, pedals, brakes, etc.

Now when it comes to all the little extras, they will hold off on purchasing them as they feel they are “not necessary”.

However, that does not mean they don’t want them but it’s something that most bikers will not likely get for themselves.

Maybe it’s because they are too busy trying to spend more money on the more expensive bike shenanigans.

Maybe it’s because they’re “too cool” for little knick-knacks?

Whatever their reason may be, the items on this list will make them happier than you think.


I only know this because these are the things I would want someone to buy me because I personally could not fork out the cash to get them.

Yes, they are a lot cheaper than any of the pieces I’ve gotten for my bike but it’s just one of those things that takes a little more convincing that you in fact are getting something valuable.

There are just too many times I find myself in a bike store and then I start picking things up.

“Wow, this is pretty neat”

“I could really use this”

Those are the things I would say but actually following through with the purchase is most likely not going to happen.

So for those of you looking to get a gift for the biker in your life, here are some of the stuff I’m sure they would absolutely be thankful for.

1. Cellphone Holder

This is something that has been under my radar but I just can not get myself to get it.

It is very much something I do need but I continue to leave the bike shop without buying one.

I hope on my bike and my phone goes right into my pocket with a nice little reminder that I still didn’t get the cellphone holder that I continue to pick up and examine ever so closely.

Now guess what other bikers are thinking?

Especially those that can add to the things every cyclist needs for work list.

This is the part where you come in and get them a gift that they would be happier if someone else actually got it for them.

I know that if someone actually got me this, I would be the happiest biker alive.

2. Bike Lights

I recently ran into a fellow biker just as the sun was going down and the first thing I noticed was his raggedy old helmet he was wearing.

The next thing that caught my attention was a little flashlight that he had snugged in one of the grooves of his helmet.

As I looked a bit closer, I noticed that it was just a regular old small little flashlight that he zip-tied to use as his headlight.

That led me to his handlebar, which had another flashlight that was also zip-tied.

At the time, I didn’t have any lights on my bike as I never did much riding when it was dark, so he gave me all the tips and ideas that will have me lit up in no time.

The point here is not to laugh at the dude but rather to show you that even if a biker has been riding for years, it does not mean that they don’t need something so simple as a bike light.

You can get a headlight and a taillight for less than $50 or even less than $20 on Amazon.com, so consider this as a gift for someone who could use such a thing.

3. Wireless Headphones

I already am in need of a cellphone holder and I have the same headphones that came with my iPhone, which of course is not wireless.

So not only do I have my phone in my pocket but it is connected to my ears with some wires.

It is now 2018 and technology is beyond advanced.

To top it off, wireless headphones are nothing new but it is just one of those things that I could never get around to buying, even when I wasn’t riding a bike.

These bad boys are not the cheapest gift out there but if you were to get a cyclist a new gift, this would be one that they would think is a bit much.

If you have the money, wireless headphones would make the perfect gift idea for any biker.

Of course, it is not always recommended for cyclists that ride on the road but they are great for people like myself that go on rides just to enjoy mother nature.

4. A Biker’s Backpack

Most cyclists will use the same backpack they used, even when they were just a backpacker.

These days, there are so many different kinds of backpacks that will fit any lifestyle you may have and that includes bikers.

Whether it be a messenger-style bag, a backpack, or even a little fanny pack (because they’re in style again), you can bet that there is a bag that will fit any cyclists needs.

You also need to think a little outside the box here and consider backpacks like the Dayfarer or the Aer Fitpack, which are other unique backpacks on Kickstarter and very much on my wishlist this Christmas.

Bikers need an awesome backpack of some sort and I’m sure they will appreciate anything you get them.

5. A Watch

I’m sure you know this isn’t going to be a regular old watch.

I at least hope you don’t think that.

Sure you can always get a nice GPS watch of some sort, but how about getting something cool, like the Aircon Watch from Indiegogo or Kickstarter?

Bikers will have the hardest time staying cool while riding but not if you can help it by providing them with a watch that is supposed to help with this problem.

And if that doesn’t feel like the right gift, depending on how close this person is to you, you can always grab them a nice Apple watch or some other smartwatch that will definitely go great with their rides.

6. A Badass Helmet

Most bikers start off with some cheap helmet that they only got because someone told them they needed one.

This is your chance to get them something that they actually would be proud of and one that they would enjoy wearing.

I personally look like a weirdo in a bike helmet and that is why I went with something like the Fox Flux instead of a regular old alien-looking styled helmet.

So if you know that this person needs a helmet or a new one for that matter, this is a great opportunity for you to come in and get them a gift that they would be happy to get.

And if that’s not cool enough for you, you might also like the Park and Diamond Collapsible helmet that looks like a baseball cap but is actually a bike helmet that is supposed to work better than most helmets.

7. Bike Lock

This is yet another “I’m too cheap” to spend money on this type of product that most cyclists will fail to put money into.

I personally ride around with a regular old cable lock that I purchased for around $10 from K Mart and it definitely does the job.

However, there are those U-style bike locks that are great for the modern bike and I’m sure any serious cycler can appreciate one.

Bike locks are not just bike locks, so remember that when you purchase one, especially as a gift.

8. Bike Repair Kit

Some bikers ride around with the idea that they will never get a flat.

I know this because I was one of them, up until I got my first flat.

Mind you, this happened as soon as my 5th bike ride, which was really not the coolest thing to happen to me being my tires were almost too new to have anything go wrong with.

Well, it did happen and guess what I didn’t have?

A spare inner tube, a patch, or even a pump to put some air in what was supposed to be a repaired tire.

These necessities come in the form of a bike kit and is definitely something that every rider must have.

So if you know your biker does not carry around such a kit, you can be the knight in shining armor and get them one.

9. A Better Water Bottle

Water bottles are cool but I bet you never thought about getting a hydro flask that can actually fit in a regular old water bottle holder on a bike.

Well,  I haven’t actually found one either but I did find something close.

Check out this Eco Vessel water bottle that will work great for any bike ride.

Make sure you get the right-sized water bottle though as they are not created equal.

They are usually standard sized but these metal-type bottles won’t usually fit snugly into the bottle holder, which might have it falling out.

10. Bike Stand

As a biker, you know how to stand your bike if you need to and that is fine.

It’s times when you have to do some simple bike repair that things can be a little more complicated.

Flipping it upside down is always a great way to go about things but nothing will beat a nice bike stand that can serve more than just a bike repair station.

Just like another one of the items on this list, you can use a simple gift that will showcase the one thing you actually have a real passion for.

A bike.

11. A Bike Mount For the Car

This will always come in handy and is probably a must-have for all bikers.

Sure you want to ride straight from your house to your next destination but not everyone has that luxury.

Bike trails are also not going to be in your backyard, so this will require you to do some driving before you can hit any trails.

So what will you do?

Get a nice bike rack to suit that specific biker’s needs.

If they own an SUV or a sedan, there are many racks that will fit their lifestyle.

If they own a truck, there are some cool little pads that fold over the tailgate that will fit their bike that much easier while transporting.

12. Bike Mount For the House

Bikers take pride in their ride and there is no better way to store them than on a nice bike mount that can be placed in the garage, the living room, or even their office like some bikers do.

If you know that they are serious about their bike, help them stow it in a way that they can have it out of the way as well as have it presented so they can admire it all day if that’s what they feel like doing.

Most mounts usually require some drilling so please ensure that they are willing to do such a thing if you plan on getting them one of them wall mounts.

They usually come in a two-piece style mount and it isn’t the fanciest gift but add a bike to it and voila!

13. Weatherproof Socks

Biking to work is great and all but no one wants to show up with some wet socks or wet anything for that matter.

Again, thanks to technology, there are socks that can do amazing things for bikers and even us humans.

I personally like shopping on Rei.com as they have a ton of awesome outdoor gear and bike equipment that you might find more than just socks on.

You can go with some pretty pricey socks to keep feet dry or you can always just get them some overshoes that are not the pretties but do get the job done.

14. A Nice Fricken Jacket

Just like almost all the gear I have, I have been using the same jacket for at least 3 years now.

If someone was to gift me with a nice, all-weather type of jacket I would really appreciate it.

There are so many different kinds to choose from and being that this gift is for a biker, you can choose from one of those pocket-style jackets or a nice sleek one that they can show off to their co-workers.

It does not matter what kind of climate you live in, a jacket is always something you can use and you can bet that it will be used if it comes at no cost.

Just make sure you get something to their liking and please leave out the Christmas-style sweaters unless you want to piss them off.

15. Sunglasses

Nothing is cooler than getting a nice pair of sunglasses for when you hit the road.

I own a pair of no-brand shades and although it does the job, I can always use a better set that will make me look a little cooler.

There’s no need to overspend for this either as there are thousands of them out there that can be purchased for under $100.

When I was in the military, I always like Wiley X’s and ESS glasses as they are also ballistic, so you might want to check them out.

16. Something From Garmin

When you hear anyone talk about Garmin you automatically think GPS.

Anyone who has any experience with anything that requires location, maps, and all that good stuff will know exactly what I’m talking about.

As a biker, having a nice device to keep you on track is always a good thing but this is also one of those things that an actual cyclist might not buy for themselves.

This little device will usually be mounted where your smartphone will go and that’s a good thing that most Garmin-type devices come with an app and even a nice little screen.

Technology I tell ya.

17. A GoPro

I do not care what kind of camera you get from these guys, they will all do a great job at capturing those little rides that you thought you would only see through one of their advertisements.

Attach a GoPro to a bike or helmet and you will see life through a point of view that will have you looking at life in a whole different way.

Okay, I’m getting a bit out of hand but you will never know until you actually try and see it for yourself.

So if you get this as a gift for that biker, you can see the awesome footage that they will capture, thanks to only the best action camera out there.

And if you don’t believe me, hit the play button above and you will see just how cool this thing really is.

The Hero 7 is their latest camera and GoPro has now created white cameras as well, so you can be the first to get one if that makes you feel any better about spending so much on one.

18. A Bike Tool

Coming down a whole lot in price, this next gift idea is a lot easier on your wallet.

Most bikers have tools all over the place and it is not the most convenient thing when you’re out on the road or on a bike trail.

With something like the Crankbrothers bike tool, you can have access to all the necessary tools needed to take care of any problems that may arise.

You might not know that such a tool existed and you will probably not know what each tool is for but if you give this to any biker that does not have one, they will be happier than you think.

At under $50, you can get a Crankbrothers bike tool that has everything.

You can definitely find some tools that have a few things and costs a lot less but nothing is better than a Crankbrothers bike tool.

Trust me.

19. Bike Cleaning Kit

There is nothing wrong with some good old simple green and dishwashing liquid to get your bike clean.

However, there are products like Muc Off that supposedly do a better job.

On top of the cleaning, you get some lubrication and other goodies in an all-in-one bike cleaning kit.

And if you have not heard of  “Muc-Off”, you might want to see what others have to say as this very bike-specific cleaning kit does a way better job than Dawn and Simple Green.

20. A Better Bike Pump

Last but not least, you can always get a nice bike pump.

Don’t get some regular old pump though and get them one that has a nice gauge and maybe even portable.

I carry around a portable pump but it does the bare minimum.

I got what I paid for but if you put in a couple extra dollars, you can get a really nice pump that will impress the cyclist in your life.

Don’t go cheap on this one but don’t overspend either as some are just overpriced.

Buying Tips

Shopping for that special someone, a friend, or a co-worker comes with different levels and pricing when it comes to buying gifts.

In the cycling world and gifting, you always want to buy accordingly unless you are just that generous of a person or you simply might have feelings for that “friend” and/or co-worker.

If you are buying this gift for a significant other or a close family member, any of these gifts will do the trick as they are all that awesome and come with great value.

Now if you are getting something for someone that is not so special, you might want to stay away from the GoPros, Garmins, and other expensive electronics as you might throw out the wrong signals.

Regardless of who you are buying for, always stay within your means and try not to overspend if you can.

The gifts in this guide are all amazing and I am sure that they will like any of them, regardless of how much they cost.


Make it count.

There are so many things you can get for someone on any special occasion but if it is for a biker, you can bet that they will appreciate a gift related to the hobby.

Bikers are a very unique breed and we all value the equipment we use, so I can promise you that they will like anything bike related than something like a coffee mug or the usual tie.

I could’ve easily put a bike mug on this list but you can always get that on your own as a “I miss you” type of gift instead.

Other than that, I hope this list of what I think is the best gifts for bikers has given you enough ideas on what to get the biker in your life.

If you have any ideas that you would like to share, feel free to do so in the comments section below as I’m sure we can all benefit from it.

But now that this list is done, which one (or two) of these gifts do you think is really “the best”?

10 thoughts on “20 Best Gifts For Bikers in 2018 That They Will Probably Never Buy Themselves”

  1. Great post and awesome info!

    It is funny that you mention about the things they will never get themselves.

    It is true, at least here, bikers don’t even use lights, even when it is so dark, which honestly, I don’t understand.

    Is it because laziness or ignorance? I don’t know, but fact is that it is crazy.

    Same about the locks, they never think about it and then the bike is gone.

    I’m going to save this post because I know perfectly what I’m going to buy for a friend this Christmas, to make sure he will be more visible with his bike.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I’ve got a co-worker who’s a biker and I actually chose them for a secret Santa exchange at my job, so this article is absolutely perfect as I’ve been wondering what would be great to get this person as a gift. 

    I think a cell phone holder would absolutely be a great gift for them as I always usually see this person dig it out of her pocket when she brings her bike in, which would suggest to me that she doesn’t have one. 

    Wireless headphones I think would be another great gift as well. You’ve listed to so many different gifts for bikers that it’s hard to choose which ones to get especially since I’m working with a limited budget. 

    Thank you for sharing this and which one would you say is probably the most popular gift for a biker?

    • It really depends on that person’s wants and most especially their needs. The cellphone holder is always a great one if you are on a budget and one that I am personally hoping I get for Christmas as well (lol).

  3. I have a biker friend and although he rides all the time, I’m pretty sure he has never thought of purchasing these items; maybe because he probably had no idea about them? But all I can say is Wow! I must say that, these items are worth going for. They are just not what anybody would have thought about to purchase as a biker or even as a gift for a biker in their lives. This is the perfect gift for the Christmas and it could not have come at a better time.

    I’m also thinking of getting a bike soon and I guess I would have to bookmark this page. Thank you for sharing these ideas John!

  4. These are awesome presents, and you’re completely right. I doubt bikers would ever think to buy these for themselves. They are pretty much necessities though! 

    Personally, I would never have thought of carrying around a bike repair kit but now that you mentioned it, you never know when something may fall off and break or of course the obvious flat tire. So it’s definitely an investment – I wonder what would be the best way to carry it around though so it’s not too bulky. 

    • Well if you’re a bike packer like me, you can always throw it in your backpack. Now if you aren’t, you can always get a pannier of some sort that you can throw it into. There are also some cool little pouches that go under your bike seat that can fit your bike repair kit. Then again, you can always just strap it there if that works for you.

  5. I would kill to have a bike mount for my house! What an amazing list, every single thing I read, I was like, man I need a new one! Definitely a new backpack, people totally underestimate how important it is to have the right back pack when you’re biking. And the right water bottle! I’m so impressed.


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