Are Beryl Bike Lights Any Better Than Regular Old Lights?

By John

Cycling is not just a hobby.

It’s a lifestyle.

And that’s what the CEO and Founder of Beryl, Emily Brooke believes and I could not agree more.

Whether you are blazing through some trails, cycling on the roads in training for the Tour de France, or simply riding to work, this is one lifestyle that I could not imagine living without.

Riding and connecting with other riders is what we do but most especially, we are in support of entrepreneurs, especially if they are trying to benefit us riders.

And that’s exactly what Emily has done with her new product and we would love to showcase it here on

So if you’re in the market for a new or better bike light, you might want to hold off on that, as you might just like what the new Beryl bike light has to offer.

Beryl Light Review – Product Overview


Being a product from Kickstarter, you can bet that a Beryl Light is not your ordinary bike light.

At least that’s what one should and will most likely think.

There are a few different styles to accommodate your wants and needs and with a rear light that is “censored”, you might appreciate what such a small device can do.

The lights are very affordable and comparable to regular old bike lights but let’s see what you can expect if you were to order any of the products on the Beryl website.

The Pixel

This is the first light offered by Beryl and it is a multipurpose light that can be attached anywhere that allows for clipping.

It is a clip-on style light that can be attached to your backpack, your back pocket, or anywhere that it can be clipped onto.

It is very light and comes in two colors, which are red and white.

Rather than having two completely different lenses, you simply need to click once for a white front light or click it again to use the red lens.

It can be a solid light or it can be used in “heartbeat” mode if need be.

For just under $29.99, this is not a bad buy at all.

The Burner

With this light, you get two actual lights.

One for the front and one for the rear.

Wait, I take that back.

You have the option to choose, but each will cost you a different price, which I will cover here shortly.

This burner is not your ordinary, under-the-seat kind of light if you’re considering the rear light option.

The Burner light lets everyone know you are slowing down with its supposedly accurate braking algorithm, this light is supposed to be better than the competition.

This bad boy starts at $59.99 unless you want it in aircraft aluminum, which is going for $70.

The pricing is the same for the front light, but at only 180 lumens, this is not your brightest option.

Do keep in mind that these are “be seen” style lights and the front light will not do what the next light is capable of doing.


Lastly and most costly, we have the Laserlight Core.

This is a headlight style light that is supposed to be brighter than bright but that’s not what makes it unique and pricey.

The Laserlight has two different options – a regular white light as well as a beam of a biker image so that you can be seen in blindspots and whatnot.

It allows for USB charging and that is a huge selling point on top of the little laser image.

I think that’s cool and all but does that justify the hefty price tag?

Well, considering most headlights with anything rechargeable are usually above the $50 mark, I think it is at the very least fair in price.


Beryl lights are perfect for commuters or anyone who wants to project a cool biker on the road that will impress other riders.

At the end of the day, it is a cool light at a fair price and will definitely serve as a great gift for bikers.

Being a biker and entrepreneur myself, I am definitely going to support this project.

I personally give the Beryl lights an overall rating of 9/10.

So if you want to support Emily in her effort to help fellow bikers like yourself, do so by clicking the link below.

Thanks for reading and happy biking!

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